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     The first construction of ponds in Nagli was launched in 1965. On June 25th, 1968, by decision of the Latvian council of Ministers, was established the Soviet fisheries “Nagļi”.

In the 70-80-ies of the last century, along with the fish ponds, the incubation workshop, mechanical workshop, boiler house, fish wintering house were built.

       In more than 40 years of fisheries existence, fisheries repeatedly changed the name. Since the fisheries was privatized in 2000, it is called LTD “Nagļi”.

Currently, LTD “Nagļi” is the largest fish farm not only in Latvia, but also in the Baltic States. It is a fish farm of the full cycle, which has its own carp and pike breeding material, from which is made the fish incubation, grown fish fry, and later – the fish is realized in the fish of trade.

       All fishing ponds are located in the territory of “Natura 2000”. Fish ponds of Nagļi are one of the richest and most variet resting places of waterflowl resting and migratory bird.

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